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LiteRays FAQ

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What is the concept of LiteRays?
The Lite Rays projection system allows you to use light in a whole different way.
The light shines down and through a film to project an image on to the surface upon which it sits.

Can I use just a graphic image?
Yes, almost any image you can imagine.

Can I add a client's logo?
Definitely. There is an area in the graphic on which a clients's name or logo can be inserted.
Please note that as a projection system, it is required to work with the art to make sure that it will project with clarity and legibility. In some cases, some client logos need to be modified so as not to be made unreadable.

How does the image work?
The light shines down through a film. The dark areas of the film prevent light from passing through The open areas allow light to pass through using its shape and projects that shape on to the surface upon which it sits.

How far will the image project?
The shot glass should produce and image that is about a square foot in size. The pod will create a light show that is about 50% bigger. The image size will also depend upon the nature of the art and

What is the "film"?
The film is a piece of transparency material upon which you can print.

Can I make my own film?
Yes, you can readily make your own film by purchasing transparencies from office supply stores.

How do I create my own films?
On his website, please review the section on FILM MAKING This provides a number of donwloadable graphic images that you can use. As well, you can design your own graphic.

Are there differences in Film quality?
Transparencies from office supply stores provide a good film substance. A better result is achieved at our office as we have a high quality print machine

How is Basic Film different from Premium Film?
Basic film uses a single color on the material. Premium film provides a multi colored insert and the combination of these colors and the LED colors provide some enhanced results

Is there a cost difference between Basic and Premium?
Yes, a slight difference.

How can I use the LiteRays product? There are so many ways, it is hard to answer this, but here are some:

  • as an actual shot glass
  • as a wedding plate centerpiece with candy inside or a small flower
  • as a child's bedside night light
  • on the wall as removable accessory lighting
  • as a light source inside a crystal votive holder
  • as name place holders at a dinner party
  • as patio accessory lighting

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