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Lite Rays

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LiteRays™ - Innovative Light-Projection Glassware and Pods

LITEFX is pleased to introduce LiteRays, patented LED light projection glassware and LitePods. LiteRays project a customizable image display and/or text onto surfaces including tabletops, serving platters, cakes, gift packaging, pathways or walls. LiteRays come as a complete shotglass or LitePod that can be used stand alone or attached to glassware. LiteRays create an amazing light show. Artistic designs, patterns and word combinations can be customized to fit any occasion: Corporate events and Parties to Birthdays, Weddings, Sports teams, and/or Individual names. LiteRays are a unique and fun way to enhance any event or promote your business. LiteRays are the Lite of the party.

LiteRays have been over three years in the making. LiteRays puts a new twist on lighting and will take lighting to a new level of sophistication. We wanted to create a versatile, interchangeable collection of amazing light patterns that can cover your table or wall with special FX. And, it's all emanating from the bottom of your glass! The LiteRays is a product that will make your Clients, friends and strangers say, "WOW! What is that? I want one! Tell me where to get it!"

To order, call us at 858-539-3912 or email us at Sales@LiteFX.biz

LITERAYS 72 144 288 576 1,152 2,592
SHOT OR POD (P) $7.99 $7.89 $7.79 $7.69 $7.59 $7.49
ASI#67740, PPAI#230177, SAGE#66953, U.S. Pat. #6,416,198 B1, U.S. Pat. #6,824,289 B2.
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